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We can deal with any pest problem, from rodents & bed bugs to scorpions and pigeons. After we have eliminated your pests, we will work with you to prevent future infestations.

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Pest Control. It’s not just about the pests – it’s also all about your home. We use a scientific approach to pest control that utilizes multiple control methods, while judiciously applying products and materials at your Phoenix-area property or business in order get the best results for tackling these pesky creatures of nature!

Our team of trained specialists will get to the root of your pest problems. Unlike other pest control companies in Phoenix, we follow specific steps for assessing these issues so that you can be sure it’s treated right with multiple methods (habitat and harborage modification; exclusion by filling up holes or creating barriers), physical controls using items like glue traps which are designed not only kill the pests but also trap them inside where they eventually die from exposure-related causes!

There are many pests and rodents that are common to the Phoenix area. They must be destroyed!

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Answer the door to one of our pest control service technicians and you’ll be greeted with professionalism. Our exterminators have been carefully screened for character, as well as competence in their field of expertise (exterminating). Trustworthy employees make this company the go-to if one needs professional pest control services around Phoenix Arizona.

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Our friendly pest control technicians will inspect your home from the outside and create a plan to protect it.


Pests are active all year. This means that you must protect yourself all year.

Our customized pest control services are seasonal-specific and will be tailored to your needs. This will ensure that you have protection throughout the year. Unlike other pest control companies.

We will return throughout the year to treat your exterior to prevent pests from returning.

We will also help you if the pests come back – at no cost to you.

"Pest Control Phoenix has been my go-to partner if I ever needed an extra hand with a pest problem, and they always came through in the clutch."
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Pest Control Phoenix Services

Ant Control

Ants are everywhere, and controlling them is a constant battle. This problem increases in Arizona because ants constantly migrate to new colonies as they create more workers throughout their lives- creating an ever-expanding pest population that needs control! Pest Control Phoenix can help keep these pesky creatures out by inspection for potential problems before it gets too bad (and providing exclusion recommendations) along with treatment approaches tailored specifically towards you which will hopefully stop any infestation from spreading further into your property or building.

Ants are pesky insects that live in colonies. Ant control treatment plans should include killing the entire colony, not just spraying an ant or fire ant with a typical spray and expecting it to be gone for good!

Bed Bugs Arizona

Pest Control Phoenix is a top-rated bed bug exterminator in the Valley. People often spend hundreds of dollars on doing it yourself removal and consumer products only to find that they still have bed bugs once all is said and done, many also unknowingly reintroduce bed bugs into their home when having an exterminator eradicate them which can be costly especially if you already had some before knowing what was going on – understanding these basics will help make sure this doesn’t happen!

Bed bugs bites may not always be indicative of them. It can be difficult to distinguish bed bug bites from other insect bites. You should look out for secondary signs such as bedbug infestations like skin irritation, rusty spots on the mattress or bedding (bed bug lice), blood spots on sheets and pajamas, and a sweet, musty odor.

The best way to diagnose a bed bug infestation is to physically spot them. It is very difficult to catch bed bugs as they are night-active. If you are lucky enough to catch one, keep them in a sealed container until they can be examined by an expert.

Bee Removal

Our company offers full-service bee control and beehive removal in the greater Phoenix area. If you have a swarm of bees around your home, leave them alone until trained technicians can come out to handle it for you!

In the event that you have a problem with carpenter bees, we know how to identify harmful ones from the beneficial and will create treatment plans for you. Each pest control company is responsible in protecting pollinators whenever possible. If interested give us a call today—our team will do all they can on this end while providing some tips as well.

Cricket Control

Crickets are often a problem in the homes of people across Arizona, but it’s not just their noise that can become annoying. They also eat anything from your food to clothes and they spread disease if you don’t get rid of them fast enough!

A cricket infestation doesn’t sound very appealing- especially when these bugs give off an undesired presence throughout one’s space as well. It turns out there is more than meets the eye with regard to pest control solutions: professional assistance might be necessary before things spiral entirely out of control.

Cockroach Arizona

Cockroaches are everywhere, and the Phoenix metro area is no exception. Cockroach infestations have many different causes depending on what kind of cockroach you’re dealing with – they can come in all shapes sizes from small to large!

Our technicians will use a special cockroach spray to treat all cupboards and places where a cockroach can hide. They’ll also apply dust for control purposes that turn any cockroach food source into pesticides after ingestion; this treatment makes them unable to reproduce as well! If necessary we may bait hinges with Advion roach poison which is very effective against these pesky critters.

Earwig Arizona

Earwigs, also known as “pincher bugs,” have a forceps-like pair of appendages at the rear which they use to grab and hold onto their prey. There are about 2,000 species in total with one measuring up to two inches long! They prefer dark damp environments like we see around here on account of our arid climate but can be found under rocks or other landscaping items when necessary if given enough space.

Homeowners often find them in areas where there is water – kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. They can also turn up near bedrooms or family rooms though infestations are rare.

Spiders in Arizona

Some people are afraid of spiders and it’s not always unfounded. There are some species that can be helpful in controlling insect pests, but other than those few there is nothing good about them at all! Here in Phoenix, Arizona you may find yourself dealing with several different types of spiders which means you’ll have your hands full when coming up against one – unless you’re happy with an uneven web walk or two orb weavers on your ceilings (which I’m certainly not).

It’s never too late to protect your home from a large spider infestation or the painlessly venomous bite of an unsuspecting arachnid. Arizona is full of these crawly creatures, so it pays off for you not to wait until it’s too late! With Pest Control Phoenix on your team, we can keep any unwanted guests out before they take over.

Scorpion Arizona

Pest Control Phoenix is your go-to company for pest control in the Valley. Scorpions can be a difficult pest to get rid of; we use multiple steps designed specifically towards scorpion infestation and breeding sites that will give our customers lasting results!

Scorpions are predators that eat primarily insects. In search of food and shelter, they crawl into buildings through exterior cracks. They may sting if they are found resting in clothing, shoes, or a bed. The most common way to get stung is to step barefoot on scorpions.


Silverfish are nocturnal creatures that prefer dark, moist areas. They’re common in Arizona pest control professionals’ work because they love to find a cozy home under expansion joints or meter boxes where there’s plenty of moisture for them!

Unknowingly, silverfish are often brought indoors by homeowners. The pests can spread from cardboard boxes and plastic containers that have been stored in infested areas to the silverfish when they are brought into the home.

Silverfish love warm and moist areas like crawl spaces and basements. They will get into homes through cracks in foundations, gaps around doors, and torn screens. Silverfish will also be attracted to dirty dishes left out in the open.

Black Widow

The black widow spider is not just a pesky pest, they are downright dangerous. In fact, some people have even gone as far as to compare the venom from these spiders with that of other venomous animals such as snakes and bees!

A unique identifying trait about Arizona’s climate makes this state perfect for Black Widows: high levels in moisture combined with warm temperatures which create their ideal environment – I’m sure you’ll agree that they need to be exterminated.

Rat Pest Control

Rodents often carry diseases, and rats can also cause damage to your home. Not only do they raid trash bins or citrus trees in search of food sources but by some estimates, one quarter of all house fires are caused due to exposed wiring from their chewing on wood which leads them right through electrical wires increasing danger if there’s ever an electric short circuit causing a health hazard for you as well along with creating nasty odors throughout any area where these rodents may have urinated.

Rodents can often be found in and around homes throughout Arizona wreaking havoc. Rodents love to eat bird food, bird seeds, compost piles, and fruit trees. You should not attempt to clean up after rodents without taking the necessary precautions. Let us handle the problem instead!

termite control

Termites are pesky pests that can quickly spread destructive damage to homes. The most common type of termite in Arizona, the Heterotermes aureus or “desert subterranean” variety is also among one of the worst out there! They’re invasive and damaging- so if you find any around your property take prompt control measures from an experienced company ASAP before they ruin everything.

Barrier termite control works by deterring the activity of active infestations. They prevent adult insects from entering your home and getting inside to lay their eggs, in turn keeping new colonies at bay!

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HomeAdvisor estimates that a single pest control visit will cost between $300 and $550. Because the technician must investigate, diagnose and treat the problem at once, this cost is usually higher than regular visits.

These are the three main goals when you attempt to control pests. Or a combination of them.

Prevention - Preventing pests from becoming a problem.

Suppression - Reducing pest numbers and damage to a manageable level.

Eradication - The destruction of an entire pest population.

After the pest control service is complete, they recommend that you stay away from your home for a set period of time. After the service has been completed, pest control services may recommend that you stay away from your home for approximately 2-4 hours. This can vary depending on the service provided and may extend to 24 hours.

Pests will be eliminated and continue to be removed for up to six weeks. Pests will die if you do not get regular yearly treatments. It is possible that cockroaches or other pests are slowing down.

The most common method of pest control is the use of pesticides--chemicals that either kill pests or inhibit their development. Pesticides are usually classified according to the pest that they are meant to control.

Most cases will see a noticeable and significant reduction in pest activity in one to two days.

You don't need to move all your furniture. However, it is possible to help your pest control company by moving end tables, couches, and mattresses away from walls. This will allow the exterminator to reach difficult-to-reach areas, where pests often hide and seek refuge.

You should schedule treatments and inspections every quarter or every two to three weeks. A regular schedule will prevent a pest problem from developing in the first place. If it does, it will be caught before it gets too serious.